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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it scratch my toilet?

No, the stone is softer than porcelain and ceramic tile, used as directed with water or liquid cleaner it is safe for your toilet. If concerned about scratching, test in a small inconspicuous area first such as the bottom of a toilet tank. All abrasive cleaners such as cleansers, when used with significant pressure or dry might produce minor scratching. Always use water or cleaning liquid with Toilet and Tile using moderate to light pressure. Millions of porcelain appliances are cleaned each year without a problem.

Is it non-toxic?

Yes, it is non-toxic making it a top rated household cleaning solution. It works alone or with water providing you with a chemical free solution, ideal for homes with pets or children.

Where can I buy it?

Pumie Toilet & Tile sticks are sold at and Walmart stores in certain parts of the country. Click here to see the stores where it is typically in stock.

Is this a new product?

United States Pumice Company has been producing pumice cleaners for 75 years. Tens of millions have been sold and consumers frequently declare how it saved them from replacing their toilets and sinks!  Toilet and Tile is made just like our Pumie cleaners used daily by commercial cleaners industry wide.

What Else Can I Clean with Toilet & Tile?

Customer use our pumice cleaners on porcelain sinks to remove hard water and rust stains. They remove baked on foods from the porcelain liner of their ovens, grates, and grills.  Toilet and Tile can also be used pool tile and concrete removing chemical rings and stains.

How Long Will The Stone Last?

Lightly stained appliances require little cleaning effort and your stone may last for a long time. Heavily stained surfaces will consume more of the product on the first cleaning.

The stone reshapes and dissolves. Is it supposed to do that?

Yes the stone will create a gray paste that helps to polish the surface being cleaned. It is engineered to be softer than porcelain surfaces so it breaks down with each use.  Apply light to moderate pressure with water as a lubricant.

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